Davis History  

Family History

Names of Research

  • Davis
  • Pullen
  • Taylor
  • Woodford

Geographical areas of research

  • Battersea
  • Chelsea
  • London
  • Abbey Dore
  • Herefordshire

Davis Family History

My name is James Davis I'm currently researching my family's history. The main line of my family I'm reseaching is my fathers line, Davis. My father grew up around Battersea, London and his father (my Grand Father) also.

If you believe to me related to me in someway email: james@davishistory.co.uk

Introduction to my family history

Researching my family's history didn't start out well, when I ask my father questions such as; “what was your grandfathers name?, and what did he do?” his response was “I don't know”. My father said that his grandparents were never spoke about, not because of skeletons in the cupboard that they didn't want to come out, just that its in the past and things were not spoke of in the past... Read More

One Name Study

Over the year I have collected a massive amount of data on both Davis and Davies. For years this data has been in an unsuable format. Recently I have been putting my research data into a searchable database. Find out more on my One Name Study


Name Variations

Davis, Davies, Davs, Dayvis, David


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